About Digital Health Technologies for Tuberculosis

The United States Government (USG) is committed to supporting the development of an inclusive, responsible, and sustainable global digital ecosystem. The United State Agency for International Development (USAID) promotes the application of the digital development principles, a set of best practices in active projects as well as activities under the Center for Digital Development. Digital technologies strengthen health systems at multiple levels by improving data services and information flow for system managers and offering health providers and patients better access to innovative tools in prevention, diagnosis and treatment for TB and DRTB. The recent WHO Global Ministerial Conference in Moscow highlighted digital technologies for TB as key opportunities to advance global efforts to eliminate TB, particularly for high burden countries and vulnerable populations, including the National Action Plan (NAP) countries. These technologies have vast potential to contribute to the EndTB Goals as well as national TB strategies and goals.

Through this workshop, the TB CARE II team will work to support NAP countries in capitalizing on these tools for improved patient and program management outcomes. This workshop will: 1) demonstrate and showcase innovative digital health solutions for TB; 2) promote digital health solutions as cost effective and high impact platforms to advance TB efforts in the 10 NAP countries; 3) advance public private partnership and resource mobilization efforts among in-country stakeholders from government sectors, technology companies and interested industry groups, and NGOs/implementing organizations to collaborate and further support current technologies or new opportunities for TB; and 4) help countries to initiate or scale up high quality digital technologies for TB which integrate evidence of impact thinking for effective and sustainable impact.

Workshop audience

  • Ministries of Health and National TB Program (NTP) staff involved in digital technologies platforms (2 to 3) from the 10 NAP countries;
  • Country experts in digital technologies and local entrepreneurs;
  • Local partners and technical assistance providers supporting NTP with scaling up innovative solutions such as other ministries staff that are working on digital solutions that may crosscut health (ID systems, digital currency, etc.)
  • Global digital health experts (from USAID, WHO digital health task force, Next2Know Facility, Private Sector, etc.)
  • Relevant TB stakeholders from India (e.g. representatives from MoH, GFATM, academic and research groups, etc.);
  • Various relevant actors, including digital technology developers, Implementing Partners, private sector actors in TB, and TB survivors from India who will speak about their experience using digital technologies and provide input on developing and implementing successful solutions tailored to the local context.

Workshop Objectives

  • Present landscape analysis of the existing digital technologies in the 10 NAP countries and comprehensive conceptual framework for digital health in general and TB in particular.
  • Review and share evidence and best practices of effective and integrated digital health interventions in TB care and control in the 10 NAP countries.
  • Showcase digital technology solutions and tools implemented on the global scale and locally in India, that support NTPs to achieve global and national objectives.
  • Work with NTP participants from the 10 NAP countries to:
    • Identify needs and opportunities for development of new digital health tools to support NAP countries in combating DR TB.
    • Select a few innovative digital solutions for each NAP country to focus on in 2018-2019 which will support current national TB strategic plans.
    • Develop a national digital health agenda for TB in line with local needs and capacity to scale up and sustain.
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