mHealth Knowledge

mHealth Knowledge connects you — global health professionals — to the people, products, and ideas that you need to do your mHealth work effectively.  All records link to the original source. Here you will find curated lists of seminal resources including:

  • Tools & Guides: Looking for how-to guides on concept development, human-centered design, strategy, situation analysis, data collection, working with stakeholders, and cost models? Browse essential resources for planning and implementation such as the mHealth Planning Guide, which was developed with support from the mHealth Working Group Advisory Board.
  • Applications & Platforms: Curious about existing apps and other technologies? Browse links to the latest mobile health applications and software platforms for data collection, text and voice messaging, patient registration and point-of-care services, etc.
  • Content Repositories: Need to show mHealth in action and illustrate the benefits of mobile technology for health? Find engaging mHealth-related images, videos, radio and audio program files, SMS messaging, and more via the mPowering Frontline Health Workers Content Repository, Photoshare and Hesperian image libraries, Medical Aid Films, and more.
  • Project Repositories: Hoping to learn from others and avoid reinventing the wheel? Find projects and program examples by searching our collection of project registries and inventories including the mHealth Working Group project table,GSMA’s Tracker and the mHealth Compendium Database which is a searchable online database of more than 150 mHealth projects worldwide. This database catalogues the mHealth projects previously featured in the mHealth Compendiums (Vols. 1-5) produced by the African Strategies for Health project, which is implemented by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) supported by USAID. The WHO Digital Health Atlas, introduced in 2017 and hosted by WHO, is now tracking projects, the health systems challenges they are addressing as well as links to code respositories and other resources.
  • Communities of Practice: Interested in connecting with other mHealth professionals? Find technical working groups and listservs that build capacity, facilitate collaboration, and provide a space for knowledge-sharing related to mHealth practices and approaches that are appropriate, evidence-based, scalable, and interoperable in resource-poor settings.
  • Blogs & News: Want to keep up with the latest mHealth developments? Connect to current discussion forums, the hottest mHealth news sites, and RSS feeds for important global mHealth updates, information, and conversations.
  • Capacity Building & Learning: Searching for an online class, professional development workshop, or real-time training related to mHealth? Access the free K4Health mHealth Basics Course, TechChange classes, and other online learning modules here!
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