Dr Devesh Gupta

Dr. Devesh Gupta

Since 2007, Dr Devesh Gupta has been associated with Revised National TB Control Programme of Government of India. Dr Gupta has over 36 years of experience with Central Health Services. At Central TB Division, he led several HIV-TB care interventions. He directed the development of Standards for TB Care in India which torched the pathway of reviving partnership with private health care provider.

In 2017, Dr Devesh guided path breaking change in treatment of drug sensitive TB from intermittent to daily regimen across the country. Under his leadership, Information Technology enabled interventions expanded multiple folds. NIKSHAY has been enhanced with linkages of PFMS, IT enabled adherence.

Recently, Direct Benefit Transfer has been launched under RNTCP which is once again led by Dr Devesh led the path once again. The DBT schemes under RNTCP is an effort of efficient, transparent system of financial transaction and increasing accountability of Government.

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